Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smooth Hoov's BUFF-A-HO Hot Wangs


First of all, we feel really lame for spacing out over the holidays and not posting for three weeks. I mean, couldn't we at least assemble a big Christmas post with all the wonderful dishes we plan to make? Or maybe a list of gift suggestions? Or perhaps a 'Happy-New-Year-Welcome-to-2010!"

Nope. Uh-uh. Nada. But then again, we're Tarts and we overextended ourselves once again. The season came and went, but we intend to catch up by blasting you with a bunch of yummy new this one I picked up while home with the fam. It's my brother "The Hoov's" Creole-style hot wing recipe...and we're bringing it to you just in time for the Super Bowl!!!


One package of chicken wings/drumettes (roughly 2 lbs.)
Cayenne Pepper
Crab (or shrimp) Boil

If the above spices/sauces aren't available where you live and ordering online isn't a possibility, look at the ingredients on the websites and either create your own or find an appropriate substitute at your store.

First, wash wings/drumettes and pat dry with a paper towel. Coat generously with Cavenders, moderately with Tony Chacheres and add cayenne pepper to your personal 'Hot'ness. Now toss yo chicken in a freezer bag and place in the fridge...for up to eight hours.

When ready to cook, Hoov suggests playing The Texas Tornado's "A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada' on the stereo for a lil' voodoo vibe. Fill a large pot a little more than halfway with water and mix with crab boil according to directions on package. Bring to a boil. Add your wangs and maintain a rolling boil for approx 20 min. The Hoov uses a meat thermometer to check internal temp of his wangs but don't poke a chick before it's time! 150 F is perfect.

While wings are boiling, locate the grill. Remove snow.

Light grill...carefully.

Now drain yo wangs...

Slap 'em on the grill.

Grill for 5 minutes on each side; make sure they get a bit crispy for texture. Remove from grill and toss with a generous amount of BBQ, like our hometown hero 'Head Country.'

Then lightly dust with brown sugar.

Look at those babies! Get in my belly!!!!

These are some seriously rockin' wings.

Thanks Ho! Er...I mean Bro!


  1. Yummay! I gotta get somma those wangs in ma mouf!!!!

  2. COWBOYS.......YA MEAN GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How does one acquire such a nick name as "Smooth Hoov"?

  4. It is not is given. I have none other than Rob Carlson to thank!!!

  5. mouth watering deliciousness!!!