Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Of Life

...and we did just that when we saw this sign and cut a hard left into the parking lot of Full of Life Flatbread in the quaint town of Los Alamos, CA. We were on a wine tasting trip in Santa Barbara County last summer and we needed a snack for a little soakin' up. After our first bite, and picking our jaws up off the floor, we canceled our reservations for dinner and took that restaurant to task.

If Full of Life sounds familiar, you may have seen their flatbreads in the frozen section at Whole Foods or other grocery stores. They are delicious, but just like a Beyoncé concert, nothing beats the real live thing. Friday through Sunday, they convert their production bakery into a restaurant, offering weekend specials sourced from local farmers, millers and artisans within a 400 mile radius.

Now we know for many of you, this may be a little difficult to get to, but if you ever find yourself in the area, it's located about an hour north of Santa Barbara and 20 minutes northwest of Solvang...and worth every minute you spend in the car. In fact, when Hamilton asked me what I wanted to do for our anniversary last week, I said, "Eat. Full. Life." No time for prepositions when this is at stake...

Heirloom burrata lima bean salad on top of a fresh crostini...

Flatbread with spring garlic, asparagus, potatoes, leeks and a farm egg...

Ham and I opted to lose the egg...

When I told Danielle, I thought she might slap me.

Meyer lemon tart w/an almond crust. WTF?

So, in short, this place is Crazy Town, in the county of Bananas, in the state of Are You For Real? If it's too out of your way, maybe you'll be inspired to replicate some of the dishes on their website and EAT GOOD FOOD. Maybe the Tarts will get in on the action too.

Oh and if you're wondering...we ate it all. I mean, I ate it all. I even threatened my husband with my fork when he tried to take the last bite. I needed it...

...for the baby, of course.


  1. That looks incredible. I've driven from ere to slo so many times, how did I not know of this incredible detour! I won't be able to stop thinking about it. Happy belated anniversary a well!

  2. Babies are very demanding...especially the ones in utero! I remember. Ah ha ha

  3. Bonjour, you guys have a super funny blog.. its my first time, and definitely stop by more.. the salad looks soo yummy

  4. Oh wow. You followed the instructions on the sign for sure and I am a little envious. Looks like a delicious day of food!!

  5. just another reason to get up there. i think this one tops the list from the sound of it.....and thank you for farro!!! pics of Wonderland baby shower to follow:)