Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pizza at Home

I, Erin, spent half of my life in NYC, where great pizza is aplenty. At $1.25 a slice, I absorbed as much of it as I could, stuffing my face while running to my next appointment. It never crossed my mind to make my OWN pizza. Well, here I am, now living in sunny California, with a yard, a grill and a farmers market that inspires fresh, healthy cooking (along with a bit of frustration and occasional snapping at my hub...sorry hon.) So I figure, why not try to make our own?! Come on over Danielle and let's make pizza!

We used the recipe via sproutedkitchen, enchanted with the idea of a 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 all-purpose flour crust. The chives in the dough were a great addition, although it turned out a little thicker then we envisioned. I think the problem was not rolling it out; I used my fists. Note to Tarts: Always listen to your partner (in my case, the French)

The fig and goat cheese was divine and a hit with Hamilton, my hub and Ryan, Danielle's lifer, aka The Hotcakes. Wouldn't change or add a thing. Yum. Thanks sproutedkitchen!

We also did our own twist on a classic Pizza Margarita by spreading the crust with an artichoke spread from Whole Foods and then adding heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and some basil. Wow!

Next, we had my hub throw them on the grill and he patiently took my periodic "Don't let them Burn!!" instructions in stride. Sorry hon....we might be crispy, but we don't do burnt!

Now, take a look at this pretty lady...

We also recommend cooking or grilling the dough for at least 3 min on each side before adding the toppings and cooking for an additional 10 min. That's what the recipe said to do, but neither Tart is good at retaining info and rereads a recipe, like, oh I'd say...20 times. WTF?! Perhaps, it's the delicious Rosé we find ourselves sipping while cooking. Note to Tarts: Drink after cooking. Wait, that's no fun. Scratch that.

So will I, Erin, loyal NYC pizza lover, make my own pizza again? I have to say, I'm somewhat devoted to finding that perfect recipe. Healthy, yet NYC delicious. I'll be working on it for sure. And as for Danielle...Danielle? Hmmm, well, I'll have to find out when she's finished stuffing her face. Now, where'd I put my wine?


  1. i am so flattered! and what a great blog! i love it. You ladies look like you had so much fun. I really think pizza is a fabulous canvas for all food lovers. Look forward to reading your blog!

  2. absolutely mouthwatering! and inspiring!!