Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scarfing Seattle

My (Erin's) hotcake surprised me with a trip to celebrate the anniversary of the day we met. Awwww! His plan was to explore a new city on foot, check out some museums and chill. He chose a city new to the both of us. "Seattle! I've always wanted to go to Seattle!" I quickly hugged him, then hit my MacBook, planning my attack on all the eateries this glorious city has to offer. Ham did his best to add some destinations to the itinerary, "How about the Space Needle, Hon? Or the Aquarium?" But I was already gone. He'd lost me, and therefore himself, to three days of coffee houses, green chai tea shops and pizza joints. Oh, oh, oh, and the donut shop down near Pike Place. "We have to go there Ham! I MUST TRY THOSE DONUTS!!!

Now, I've lived in Los Angeles for years and have yet to discover all of its treasures. So, seizing Seattle in 3 days? Sure. I'm a Tart and I live in a parallel Universe where I can bend time. Oh wait, this is supposed to be a romantic, relaxing getaway with my husband, isn't it? Well, sorry Hon. I'm a Tart and I was completely upfront about that. Let's swallow Seattle!

First stop...donuts!

Donut shop at the end of Pike Place Market. I'm not even looking at Ham. I'm lost to the sugar.

Stunning flowers at Pike Place. I wanted to bring some home for my fellow Tart, but we can't eat them, so what's the point?

Serious Pie
We ate here.
A lot.
We ate a lot here.

The name fits. Seriously.
We seriously ate a lot here.

Frans Chocolates...What???!!! I don't know how I got them home without eating them myself, but Danielle managed to scarf down her souvenir within ten minutes.
("Five minutes, Erin. Five.")

Other places we did manage to make it to, thanks to a sincere talent for bending time...Delancy (delish!), Pink Door and Six Seven.

And by the way, I did end up relaxing. I kind of had to; the sugar crash was a killer! And this view from our room at the Edgewater did NOT suck.

All in all, it was a great trip. And the sweetest thing about Hotcake at my side! Thanks Hon! And thanks Seattle! We love you!

Will definitely bring my Tart the next go-around. So, Herb Farm, watch out. The CrispyTarts are comin' for ya!

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