Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Go Garten Or Go Home

The Tarts bond over many things, like food and....uhhh, food...and...wait, we know, there's something else...oh yeah, it's food. And although we aim to keep it healthy when we can, periodically we choose to Go Garten or Go Home. As in Ina Gartin, aka The Barefoot Contessa, aka The Goddess of All-Things-Crispy-And-Tart. We will never forget when Danielle busted out these cookies at a dinner party and we both nearly fell off our chairs. Hands down, there ain't a cookie out there that can one-up an Ina. Is she heavy-handed with butter, sugar and all-things-bad-for-you?

Absolutely. Does that scare us? Hell no. And her recipes are incredibly friendly if we choose to go healthy. We can substitute rice milk for heavy cream, agave for refined sugar and...wait, how often do we really do that? Almost never.

Here's the reaction of Erin's gluten-free, sugar-free Hotcake when he found out we weren't going 'healthy' with Ina's Apple Crostada...(Click on link for recipe)...

Sorry Hon! 'Go Garten or go home!' Oh, wait. You are home. Sorry Hon!

"Hey Erin! A little help over here!"

Oops. No food processor, so Danielle is improvising with a mixer and a towel. Oh well, as long as it goes in the oven like this...

"Think it's done, Danielle?"

"Who cares, Erin? Let's slap some whipped cream on that sucker and slam it!"

Dude! Look at that! Unbiculously yummy! It really pays to 'go Garten.' Now if we could just go home with Garten...


  1. Oh that looks sooooo good right now!!!!

  2. you girls make me laugh, so cute. i love how the post tells a tiny story. Sometimes you just need to go balls out with the bad for you stuff, nice work.