Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knocked Out By Gnocchi

We did it. We really did it! We made gnocchi all by our little Tarty selves! Isn't that amazing? Anyone?

Rude. Anyway, with fall flavors dancing in our heads, we chose to kick off this momentous undertaking with this Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe from, which, as always, we couldn't retain. You'd think we'd remember, I mean look at the concentration...

Whoa, wait a sec. We're both wearing California. Huh. Anyway, we blended the ingredients and got ready to roll...

...and slice...

...and plunge!

Now here's where we stray from the recipe...instead of brown butter and sage, we drew inspiration from Seven Spoons and threw in brussel sprouts browned in butter...

...walnuts and parmesan cheese. And whallah! We did it!

Oh no, not again. (Sotto) Erin, what is up with the scarves?

Now, we know you may think that the sprout/walnut pairing make it gross, like our pal Dave, but the Tarts are going to this party again and we suggest you come too. It's crazy good! In fact, it was so amazing that one of us ate it for breakfast AND lunch the next day. Ugh, and yes, I was wearing a scarf.

(Note to Tarts: Lose the Scarves!)


  1. nice candle stick

  2. Beautifully done! I was hesitant that people would be against the idea of the sprouts, but I am so glad that this recipe has had such a warm response! Yours look delicious, and I love the scarves.

  3. It seriously blew our minds. Especially since one of us used to hate the sprouts. Thanks for putting it out there!

  4. yum! scarves are totally ok here in CA, no big deal that its still plenty warm for tshirts. Im impressed, one day I want to try and make gnocchi. Looks great.