Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Look Has Landed


Generally, I would consider myself a pretty good friend, one who supports a Tart's attempt at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, however, I have a confession to make: I get sick pleasure from this look that grabs hold of Erin's face when she tastes something (often involving sugar and butter) that blows her mind. It's a look that says, "Help me. I'm scared."

It's like she's flashing forward into the near future when she'll be lying in bed and that sacred fare will come a-callin', "Hey you. Just cold-kickin' it in the fridge, all craze-a-licious and what-not. Wanna hang?" Although it's a look that slays me, I generally try and keep my desire at bay, but every now and then a certain occasion forces it to rear its ugly head...and that time hath arrived...Erin's birthday.

In search of the perfect vehicle for my amusement, I called on Deb over at smittenkitchen.com. She never lets me down...

slightly adapted from Smitten Kitchen
(Click link for recipe)

You start with 3 layers of sour cream-chocolate cake...

Then frost with peanut butter frosting. (I added another half Tbsp of PB.)
Deb suggests a commercial brand peanut butter as the natural kind is oily; I went natural and just blended the peanut butter first so the oil doesn't separate out. There's already so many 'bad for you' ingredients that I figured I'd cut Erin a little slack.

Tart tip: Listen to Deb: This cake is pretty moist, so Deb suggests you freeze the layers for 30 minutes first and then follow with a crumb coating. Monkeysee.com has a good instructional video for crumb coating.

Finally, you finish with a chocolate-peanut butter glaze. Corn syrup makes me want to ralph, so I subbed agave nectar and cut the amount in half. Deb poured the glaze on top and let it drape down the sides, but mine looked shabby so I just spread the chocolate all over...(The first pic is from my 2nd attempt when I made it the right way)

This cake is crazy good...

See what I mean? Now there's a certain 'thing' I'm eagerly waiting for...where is it? Come on...

Ahhhh...the eagle has landed:) Thanks Deb!


  1. This cake looks AMAZING!!! I want to eat the picture. I'm loving your blog and am so following!


  2. Mmm. It's only 10:02 am, but I could go for a slice of that cake. Fun blog, ladies!