Friday, June 11, 2010

No dice for baby-dilla

We've spent 4 days in dilla-town distracting baby momma from the fact that the lil' Tart has yet to arrive...

They were all delicious, but we each have a fave...

Erin: beet
Danielle: peach
Ham: corn
Rye: gorgonzola

The great thing about quesadillas is that everyone can create their own.

Set up a quesadilla bar...

...thank you, Vanna...and let everyone choose their tort and toppings. This way, everyone gets what they want!

Well, not everyone...

"Danielle, I can't take it anymore."

"Me neither, Erin, me neither."

Time to head to the valley for the pregnancy salad...


  1. YUM!!! These look amazingggggg

  2. So many good lookin' quesadillas, girls! I had an over-easy egg in a corn tortilla for breakfast this morning, does that count? ;-)

  3. Well, at least you're surrounded by good food! :)

  4. Coco - If there's a tort involved, it counts. At least in my book:)

  5. Quesadillas are pretty much my favorite food ever!! And a party involving all these different combinations is the best idea. They all sound so unique and delicious :)


  6. Those all look amazing!

    Plus I laughed at the last photo's caption

  7. so did the salad do the trick?! SO GREAT to meet you. i was totally nervous like i was meeting a celeb:) would love to trade digits thru Cate. all of us can EAT together somewhere!

  8. That food looks so yummy:) I adore you posts:)
    Kisses and enjoy your day...I will be back for more:)

  9. You girls are the queens of quesadillas!

  10. These look so fabulous, yum! Good luck with introducing the lil'Tart to the world, exciting! Here is a muesli bar recipe that was a life saver when I first had my baby 5 months ago, I still live off it..

  11. Some great ideas! Just bought a huge bag of walnuts yesterday, so I'll add this to my list of things to make with them.

  12. You grabbed me with the caramleized onion, gorganzola & walnut combo... but then they just kept one-upping each other. Great inspiration for a yummy dinner, soon!