Friday, November 20, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Pandemonium - Day 5

Day 5 Is Here!

Pumpkinpalooza is almost over. One pie, four ways, brought to you on four separate days.


Now it's time for Rusty to Tart Test and tell us what pie she wants this Thanksgiving. She claims she has a savvy palate and will give us very specific feedback. Uh-oh. We sure we want to do this?

"Be nice Rusty!"

Here's Pie # 1!

"Fab consistency. I get maple syrup. Very pumpkin-y. The crust...mmm, flaky."


"Crust, no. Too dry. This one has more spice than #1. Oh, and stop eating my samples, Erin."


"Crazy good crust. Not enough spice. More like a cheesecake. Btw - this is weird, you guys feeding me."


Her face pretty much sums it up.

So that's it. Four pies. Now time for Rusty's decision...

"The winner is...drum roll please...

Pie #1 brought to us by Smitten Kitchen and Grandma Elsie!!!"

This version truly is a winner. By mashing the filling through a sieve, you create a really silky filling. We all agree if you like a spicier PP, add a little nutmeg or clove. This would also be delicious paired with a butter crust, but Grandma's flaky, easy crust did it justice and pretty much delivered the perfect pumpkin pie.

That's it. The end of Pumpkin Pie Pandemonium. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy lots of pumpkin pie. We, on the other hand, never want to see it again...

...okay, maybe next year. Or tomorrow. Unless you have some now. We're coming over!

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  1. Lisa Schwimmer MarierNovember 30, 2009 at 8:46 AM

    Okay, that picture of Rusty eating pie number 4 TOTALLY cracked me up. I know that face well . . . Thanks, gals!

    Lisa Schwimmer Marier