Sunday, November 29, 2009

Radishes? Really?

I feel gross. Really, really gross. But did that stop me from devouring more stuffing this morning? Nope. I didn't hesitate for a second; that's how gross I am. But I did run out immediately after breakfast and pick up a box of fresh produce from my local CSA with the hope of cleansing myself of my earlier transgression, not to mention the four-day food fest that began with Thanksgiving. I came home and opened my box. Yea! Lots of fresh leafy greens, tomatoes, cilantro, green onion; all things I love and know how to use. At the bottom of my box, however, was a huge bummer...

...radishes. Ugh. Damn you, you little rascals. How'd you get in there?

So, determined to get rid of them asap, I scoured blogs and sites for a recipe; the spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down. It was tough, but I did come across one from Epicurious for Sauteed Radishes and Watercress. It does use a bit of butter, but since all I'm eating is greens and radishes, I figure a little butter is okay. I used daikon and china rose radishes and subbed the watercress with radish greens. I also added a bit of crushed red pepper and served it all over brown rice.

When the radishes are cooked, they taste like potatoes and really soak up the the flavor of the other ingredients. It was surprisingly delicious and ultimately healthy. Even my Hotcake scarfed it down.

So, I guess I owe an apology to a certain someone. "I'm sorry Radish. I was wrong. Friends?"

And now, for that cup of peppermint hot chocolate I've been craving. What? I ate my veggies!

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  1. im with you, radishes arent the greatest option. I usually just douce mine in hummus, but cooking them sounds like a good idea too!