Monday, March 29, 2010

Soló Queso

It's a rare occasion when we Tarts take a day and just chill. And chillax we did, as we drove down south to Laguna Beach, sipping iced chai lattes and chatting like teenagers with the ocean breeze whipping through our slightly dirty hair. Does it get any better?

Ummm, yes, yes it does. The bar rose quite a bit in fact when we pulled into The Montage and headed straight for the The Loft with one thing on our mind...

"Hello, welcome to The Loft, will you be-"

"We'll be having cheese."

"Would you like to sit in-"

"Just cheese."

"Would you like a glass of-"

"Cheese? Yes, please."

They finally got the message...

Hello cheese, goodbye self-control.

This truly is an experience. Especially when you're lucky enough to have Janice as your personal fromagier. She invites you into her palace of cheese and crafts an adventure to satisfy your every whim, marrying each one with a homemade compote, mustard or honey, like this aged gouda...

...rocked out with a lavender caramel sauce. What?! I think my mouth just did a cartwheel!

Janice went above and beyond the call of queso and invited us on a tour of the kitchen where we 'borrowed' some delicious homemade truffles. One of us, the pregnant one, popped a few in her mouth before Janice even offered. Bad Tart. But great truffle:)

It was a beautiful, lactose-filled day and an adventure we shall treasure. Thanks Janice!

Oh yeah, and to top it all off...the cheese plate comes with a view...

Cheese will never be the same. Shame on you, Cheese Lady!


  1. girls those pictures turned out so great!!!I'm jealous. My office sits right above that piece of heaven and i never get to partake :(

  2. this looks incredible! i love cheese, too!

  3. Oh my gosh!! Lavender caramel sauce, yes please! I am so envious!! I wish there were such a fromagerie in Seattle!

  4. Mmm...CHEESE! I think in previous life I was a mouse!I can eat it all!Any kind, any shape(except American cheese...)

  5. Oh dang! I am a sucker for all sorts of cheeses. This looks amazing!

  6. Lavender caramel sauce?! I'm envious. I could spend the whole day eating cheese but that cheese adventure sounds amazing.

  7. OMG, I'm positively swooning. Hi, my name is Kristin and I'm a fromage addict!